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10/26/2021 8:26:26 PM +00:00

After requesting a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers, star point guard Ben Simmons has listed his custom New Jersey home for $5 million.

10/26/2021 1:00:47 PM +00:00

NFL star Joey Bosa just dropped $5.85 million on a waterfront house in his hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

10/22/2021 9:10:42 PM +00:00

After three years of relists, NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal has finally sold his Shaq-sized mansion outside Orlando for $11 million.

10/22/2021 12:00:27 PM +00:00

With home prices topping $1 million, Black people who bought modest properties decades ago are realizing they are wealthy. All they have to do is keep them.

10/22/2021 12:00:01 PM +00:00

Even as longtime residents are getting priced out, a small number of Black families who can afford it are moving in. The question is whether more will follow.

10/22/2021 12:00:01 PM +00:00

Nile Niami's "The One" ultra-mega-mansion won't be hosting an open house, but plenty of other super-luxe homes will. Here's some, and how to find more.

10/21/2021 1:37:22 PM +00:00

New telework opportunities could slow exodus from rural America, but housing and lifestyle challenges abound.

10/20/2021 3:00:20 PM +00:00

In Spaulding Square, the famous house from the 1980s horror hit 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' is listing for sale at $3.25 million.

10/20/2021 12:00:47 PM +00:00

The Southern California housing market is hot, but cooling. Home prices rose nearly 13% in September — the smallest jump since January.

10/19/2021 1:00:03 PM +00:00

After building a modern mansion in Southwest Ranches, Fla., baseball star Asdrúbal Cabrera has sold it for $7.41 million.

10/18/2021 7:49:59 PM +00:00

Lakers co-owner and assistant general manager Jesse Buss is asking $10.95 million for his modern mansion in the hills of Brentwood.

10/18/2021 7:05:56 PM +00:00

Gov. Gavin Newsom is emphasizing holding cities accountable for state laws on zoning and approving housing projects, including starting a new effort staffed with more than dozen employees to enforce the rules.

10/18/2021 7:03:39 PM +00:00

Warner Bros. Ranch lot will be redeveloped to meet growing demand for soundstages as legacy studios and streaming newcomers compete for space to make movies and TV shows.

10/15/2021 4:29:56 PM +00:00

Though Delta variant thwarted expectations of workers flocking back to offices this fall, office leasing in L.A. County rises as businesses look ahead.

10/14/2021 7:56:53 PM +00:00

Sherwin-Williams has quietly added a 4% 'supply chain charge' to its paint. It's the latest business to hide a price hike with extra fees.

10/14/2021 7:14:39 PM +00:00

Actor and comedian David Spade just paid $13.85 million for a Hollywood Hills mansion, one of the community's priciest deals so far this year.

10/14/2021 1:00:05 PM +00:00

Design, Bitches transformed a garage into a stunning ADU in Atwater Village. It is one of more than a dozen designs through the city's ADU program.

10/13/2021 7:56:00 PM +00:00

Months after buying Chris Bosh's Miami mansion for $14.43 million, development company AquaBlue Group is looking to flip it for $42 million.

10/13/2021 1:00:49 PM +00:00

In typically crowded Hollywood Hills, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are asking $35 million for their sprawling villa on more than 10 acres.

10/12/2021 7:46:50 PM +00:00

Prolific producer Joe Roth just closed a blockbuster deal in Beverly Hills, paying $23 million for a 1960s Midcentury designed by Daniel Dworsky.

9/29/2021 8:36:40 PM +00:00

After relocating to Lake Tahoe, KISS frontman Gene Simmons has sold his Benedict Canyon compound of nearly four decades for $16 million.

9/29/2021 6:30:19 PM +00:00

If you've got a frustrating, strange or otherwise noteworthy housing story to tell, we want to hear it.

9/29/2021 1:00:09 PM +00:00

In Westlake Village, Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has sold his palatial estate with crimson red walls and cheetah-print carpet for $5.18 million.

9/28/2021 8:33:24 PM +00:00

After buying Todd Phillips' Beverly Hills mansion, 'Spring Breakers' producer David Zander is asking $21.5 million for his two-home compound in Pasadena.

9/27/2021 10:13:58 PM +00:00

Longtime Cowboy Emmitt Smith is selling his Texas-sized mansion in Dallas for $2.2 million.

9/27/2021 8:03:15 PM +00:00

After spending $20.5 million on a Hawaii vacation home earlier this year, famed musician Carlos Santana has sold his Tiburon, Calif., residence for $5.53 million.

9/27/2021 7:17:04 PM +00:00

Some California eviction protections end Thursday, but many of the state's renters will qualify for other assistance programs.

9/27/2021 5:22:36 PM +00:00

L.A. native and Rams wide receiver DeSean Jackson just sold his Tarzana home for $2.2 million, or $200,000 more than he was asking.

9/27/2021 12:00:02 PM +00:00

The idea was simple: Nile Niami would build and sell The One, the biggest and most extravagant new home in the country. Then things went sideways.

9/25/2021 12:00:12 PM +00:00

Critics say real estate love letters, common in tight markets, can be a tool of discrimination.

9/24/2021 8:55:13 PM +00:00

In Encino's priciest sale so far this year, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have unloaded their modern mansion for $15.2 million.

9/23/2021 10:16:20 PM +00:00

Months after buying a Colonial-style home in Toluca Lake, Grammy-winning singer Kelly Clarkson has sold her Encino farmhouse for $8.24 million.

9/22/2021 9:00:08 PM +00:00

Music mogul Scooter Braun has bought a modern farmhouse in Brentwood for $65 million, the priciest sale in Southern California so far this year.

9/21/2021 12:00:38 PM +00:00

COVID-19 unleashed new demand for homes, made the well-off wealthier, and fueled extreme bidding wars. The result? The $1-million home is everywhere.

9/21/2021 12:00:29 PM +00:00

Take a look at what $1 million buys in six L.A. neighborhoods.

9/22/2021 8:53:47 PM +00:00

Do you live among million-dollar homes? These 15 L.A. neighborhoods crossed the $1-million threshold

9/20/2021 9:22:43 PM +00:00

Married actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are asking $12.25 million for their East Coast-inspired estate in guard-gated Hidden Valley.

9/17/2021 10:00:01 PM +00:00

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation that allows more than one unit to be built on lots zoned for only one. It sounds technical, but it's a major change in California housing policy. Here's what it means.

9/16/2021 1:00:09 PM +00:00

Developers are proposing a visually stunning $500-million office tower on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood called the Star.

9/15/2021 8:55:55 PM +00:00

In Beverly Crest, director McG has bought the famed Bella Vista estate from actress Donna Scott for $14.7 million.

9/14/2021 10:48:39 PM +00:00

The co-founder of the Berggruen Institute think tank beat out five other bidders at a heated courthouse auction that lasted about 45 minutes.

9/14/2021 1:00:08 PM +00:00

New Age author Deepak Chopra just sold his La Jolla home of 28 years for $5.5 million, or $3.3 million more than he paid in 1993.

9/13/2021 7:30:34 PM +00:00

A downsized, upcycled barn in Highland Park is transformed into one of L.A.'s greenest ADUs. Take a tour inside. It may inspire your next design.

9/11/2021 12:00:07 PM +00:00

After years of court battles, Mohamed Hadid's 30,000-square-foot mansion will be auctioned off to the highest bidder and then torn down.

9/10/2021 8:22:54 PM +00:00

Actor Lance Gross is asking $1.125 million for an architectural penthouse in Hollywood's 10 Palms.

9/10/2021 12:00:11 PM +00:00

The $80-million refresh for the building, designed by Hearst Castle architect Julia Morgan, is part of a revival of the downtown neighborhood that includes hotels, apartments and offices.

9/10/2021 12:00:04 PM +00:00

After real estate agents invented racial covenants in the early 1900s, L.A. led the nation in using them. Their idea of 'freedom' shapes the U.S. today.

9/9/2021 11:08:42 PM +00:00

In Palm Beach, Tampa Bay Buccaneers co-owner Darcie Glazer Kassewitz is asking $55 million for her waterfront mansion on two acres.

9/9/2021 1:00:26 PM +00:00

NBA big man Thomas Bryant just sold his Woodland Hills home for $3.7 million — $450,000 more than he paid when he bought it from Jordan Clarkson last year.

9/8/2021 12:00:57 PM +00:00

The move to Inglewood from Culver City comes after NFL Media struggled for years with outdated technology.

9/7/2021 8:27:09 PM +00:00

In Beverly Hills, a pair of neighboring estate owned by late comedy legend Carl Reiner have sold for a combined $16.8 million.

9/7/2021 12:00:00 PM +00:00

There are many methods of assessing a neighborhood or individual home's risk of wildfires — and plenty of ways to help mitigate the danger.

9/3/2021 8:42:05 PM +00:00

Jeff Marine, president and CEO of Jem Sportswear, just sold his Mediterranean villa in guard-gated Beverly Park for $29 million.

9/1/2021 10:26:10 PM +00:00

NBA big man Daniel Theis, who spent four seasons with the Celtics, just sold his custom Colonial in the Boston suburb of Needham for $2.2 million.

9/1/2021 6:23:35 PM +00:00

The Biden administration unveils a plan to expand housing affordability in response to an uptick in home prices nationwide amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

9/1/2021 1:00:46 PM +00:00

Celebrity house-flippers Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi just paid $8.5 million for a 1960s Midcentury in Beverly Hills Post Office.

8/31/2021 9:15:25 PM +00:00

French Montana's Hidden Hills home, which he decked out with a $400,000 recording studio, just sold for $5 million in Hidden Hills.

8/31/2021 8:26:05 PM +00:00

Angelenos who lost income in the pandemic can apply again for help paying the rent debt they've accrued. Landlords can apply too.

8/31/2021 6:10:23 PM +00:00

One of San Francisco's tallest skyscrapers, Millennium Tower has sunk since construction began in 2006 and is tilting.

8/31/2021 1:00:23 PM +00:00

In Beverly Hills, a 90-year-old mansion owned by Paramount Pictures and movie producer Charlie Fries is up for grabs at $25 million.

8/31/2021 12:00:08 PM +00:00

Of the four leading candidates who responded to The Times' inquiries — Kevin Faulconer, John Cox, Kevin Kiley and Kevin Paffrath — all said they would use the bully pulpit of the governor's office to either reform or repeal the California Environmental Quality Act.

8/31/2021 12:19:08 AM +00:00

After years of false starts, California state lawmakers seem primed to end single-family home only zoning across the state, effective next year.

8/27/2021 1:00:17 PM +00:00

A Brentwood ranch owned for nearly 70 years by Norman Lloyd, the late actor of "St. Elsewhere" fame, just sold off-market for $3 million.

8/27/2021 12:00:44 PM +00:00

The access wars that have flared anew this summer feel as old as the rocky point at one end of the Cove and as new as the next tide.

8/26/2021 3:00:09 AM +00:00

The new owner, a local developer, plans to transform the struggling center into a more modern complex with housing, offices, stores and restaurants.

8/25/2021 10:15:02 PM +00:00

At $21.5 million, a film-famous Midcentury that housed Frank Sinatra in the 1950s and 1960s is Chatsworth's priciest listing.

8/24/2021 8:00:59 PM +00:00

Nearly two decades after buying Shaq's custom mansion for $6.4 million, Japanese singer Kyosuke Himuro has sold the home for $9 million.

8/24/2021 12:00:47 PM +00:00

Yamashiro, a Hollywood destination for decades, plans a second branch on a seaside site now occupied by rustic San Pedro Fish Market & Restaurant.

8/24/2021 12:21:46 AM +00:00

Over the years, the Radford lot has been home to such shows as "Seinfeld," "Gilligan's Island," "Mary Tyler Moore" and "Big Brother."

8/23/2021 10:07:46 PM +00:00

The four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Walnut Creek, 15 miles east of Berkeley, was on the market just three days.

8/23/2021 1:00:34 PM +00:00

NBA icon Bill Russell is asking $2.6 million for his Mercer Island home outside Seattle, where he coached the SuperSonics in the 1970s.

8/23/2021 12:00:13 PM +00:00

A new program involving local subsidies aims to help middle-income Californians afford better housing. Critics say it's a bad use of public funds. 

8/20/2021 11:03:53 PM +00:00

The iconic Hearst estate, a Beverly Hills mansion with ties to William Randolph Hearst and John F. Kennedy, will sell to the highest bidder in September.

8/20/2021 12:00:23 PM +00:00

California lawmakers introduced more than a dozen sea level rise bills this year — a political awakening experts say came not a moment too soon.

8/19/2021 10:21:56 PM +00:00

Gov. Gavin Newsom sold his Bay Area home of a decade for $5.9 million in an off-market deal in May, records show.

8/19/2021 5:01:01 PM +00:00

In another attempt to tackle California's housing crisis, lawmakers will debate 'duplex bill,' which would allow some single-family lots to be split.

8/18/2021 12:00:24 PM +00:00

The Southern California median home prices rose 17% to a record high in July, though there are some signs the market is cooling.

8/17/2021 10:03:25 PM +00:00

California's most expensive estate currently on the market is a 22-acre oceanfront spread in Carpinteria listed at $160 million.

8/16/2021 11:44:04 PM +00:00

Retired NBA star Tracy McGrady is asking $8 million for his amenity-loaded home outside Houston, where he spent six seasons with the Rockets.

8/13/2021 10:36:24 PM +00:00

Actor Michelle Pfeiffer and her husband, TV producer David E. Kelley, just sold their Pacific Palisades estate for the full asking price of $25 million.

8/12/2021 8:47:50 PM +00:00

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has added another home to his collection: a three-story stunner on the water in Miami Beach.

8/11/2021 7:45:25 PM +00:00

Wrapped in teakwood and glass, the two-home compound enjoys a coastal setting on Malibu Lagoon State Beach.

8/11/2021 1:00:21 PM +00:00

Four years after buying a Beverly Hills home from OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, supermodel Cindy Crawford has sold it for $13.5 million.

8/10/2021 7:57:25 PM +00:00

Leonardo DiCaprio is asking $5.75 million for a Los Feliz home he bought from musician Moby three years ago.

8/10/2021 2:50:47 PM +00:00

Inspired by her grandparents' fruit-filled tea garden in Iran, Sorina Vaziri started a grass-roots movement to improve and increase the number of public parks in L.A.'s Mid-City neighborhood.

8/10/2021 1:00:07 PM +00:00

Four years after buying a Beverly Hills Post Office home from Slash, rapper Big Sean has sold the Mediterranean mansion for $11.1 million.

8/9/2021 10:38:09 PM +00:00

Grammy-winning guitarist Carlos Santana is asking $5.77 million for his scenic Bay Area home in the hills of the Tiburon Peninsula.

8/9/2021 7:50:38 PM +00:00

City Atty. Mike Feuer defended the city's measure, saying his office wrote a "lawful ordinance" that kept tenants from becoming homeless amid COVID-19.

8/5/2021 12:00:36 PM +00:00

It made the Batmobile and Tom Wolfe's Kandy-Kolored Streamline Baby. But with its North Hollywood studio on the block, Barris Kustom Industries, the soul of Southern California car culture, may be riding into the sunset.

8/3/2021 8:35:43 PM +00:00

President Biden announced an extension of eviction moratoriums, which had expired Sunday. For California renters, protections were already in place. Here's what you need to know about expiration dates and paying rent.

8/2/2021 12:00:57 PM +00:00

Two record-setting condo sales are the latest indicator of the post-pandemic demand for luxury vertical living as L.A.'s entire condo market improves.

7/30/2021 2:00:22 PM +00:00

A Craftsman-inspired house in Elysian Heights gets a whimsical expansion: A writing studio with a hidden rooftop deck that offers views of downtown Los Angeles.

7/30/2021 12:00:16 PM +00:00

Take a look at five condos on the market for $400,000 around Los Angeles.

7/29/2021 10:46:04 PM +00:00

A Mediterranean mansion in Pebble Beach just traded hands for $32.69 million, the priciest sale ever in Monterey County.

7/28/2021 1:00:53 PM +00:00

Innova Medical Group in Pasadena secured contracts worth at least $2.7 billion selling Chinese-made antigen tests to the U.K. government despite questions over their accuracy.

7/28/2021 1:00:51 PM +00:00

Former 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh is asking for $13 million for his mansion in the Bay Area's affluent enclave of Atherton.

7/27/2021 1:00:27 PM +00:00

Joni Rogers-Kante, founder of the multi-level marketing cosmetics company SeneGence, wants $50 million for her amenity-loaded mansion in Irvine.

7/27/2021 1:00:10 PM +00:00

L.A. County Assessor Jeff Prang says bulk appeals by tax agents cost his office $2.2 million a year and may mean $15 million lost in annual revenue.

7/26/2021 8:19:10 PM +00:00

A year after buying a bigger place in Beverly Hills Post Office, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have sold their other home in the neighborhood for $16.8 million.

7/25/2021 1:00:42 PM +00:00

A Masonic lodge in San Gabriel's historic Mission District soon will reopen as a food hall.

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